#Raise #AdventWord

Cabo Matapalo, I will never forget you.

It seemed like we drove forever to get there, but that was, in large part, because Hwy 245 on the Osa Peninsula is full of potholes and ruts. And at some point we had to leave Hwy 245 and travel an even narrower, more rutted and pothole-riddled road to get there.

But it was worth every minute. White sand, blue ocean meeting blue sky, hermit crabs scuttling everywhere, palm trees leaning into the wind, drift wood worn to a silver patina. I could have stayed there forever.

So it was not lack of beautiful and interesting surroundings that caused me to #raise my eyes, but I did. And there, high on a tree, blooming white orchids.

Sadly, it is usually a steady steam of horrifying news in my Twitter feed or the political bullets flying through my Facebook stream that keep my eyes–and my spirit–downcast.

But divine love is all around. Lift your eyes. See.

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