Second Wind: Creation Considered

Well, that was predictable. I started this “Second Wind” series a month ago, thinking it would take no more than two weeks to write Part 2! But the point of “second wind” is that I’m busier since retiring from full-time teaching almost two years ago than I was before. Familiar story?

So this series is about how retirement really has been an opportunity to dig into some old interests and new projects with renewed energy. You will notice a theme here…..

The second piece of Second Wind is an exhibit that comes with a gallery talk, as you can see. The flyer below advertised the extension of the exhibit at Northminster Church in Monroe in 2018.

“Creation Considered” expresses an understanding of creation as God’s first and ongoing self-revelation. I use the words “creation” and “creatures” as St. Francis of Assissi did, to identify the Divine as the source of all life. I use the word “consider” as Jesus did, to invoke thoughtful contemplation of relationships among creatures and especially between humans and all of the other creatures.

The Creation Considered exhibit brings together my creation photography and texts from various sources, including Hebrew and Sufi poetry, Christian mystics, secular texts and a few of my own poems. For me, photography is a spiritual practice, and this exhibit is a demonstration of that.

What you see here is a tiny representation of the whole, which can vary in size from several to 24 images grouped around texts. Best of all, it’s still available. If you happen to have or know of a venue in search of a show and would be interested in this work, let’s talk!

I cannot end this post without mentioning Jackie Yeldell. This exhibit came about because Jacky called me out of the blue one day and said, “We need to see some of your photography at Northminster Church.” I proposed Creation Considered; he said “bring it on.” RIP, Jackie. You are sorely missed.

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