Also known as #PerformanceArt.

I mentioned in a recent post that I am drawn to construction sites, especially in big cities. Tower cranes amaze me. The maze of scaffolding and building parts amazes me. The hard hats who negotiate the maze and produce awe-inspiring buildings have my highest regard.

But most of all, I am fascinated that the visual display you see before you at any given moment is quite ephemeral. Tomorrow the hard hats will go to work again, and their work will change the view forever.

So each time I click the shutter, I am framing and freezing a moment in time, a view that will never be seen again exactly as it is right now. I’m capturing a moment in a performance. And that intrigues me.

After years of photographing construction sites and wondering what to do with the photos, I recently began submitting them to juried art shows. Much to my delight, “Take Flight” was recently accepted and is currently exhibited as part of Art Flow Baton Rouge in the offices of Downtown Healthcare.

Red Flags over Atlanta

Today I submitted “Red Flags over Atlanta” to another juried show, but I’ll wait to name the show until it is invited! (Fingers crossed; I’m no where near that confident!)

In the meantime, I’ve added a #HardHatArt gallery to my website. Hope you’ll stop by for a look. And as you look remember: What you are looking at is gone forever. The moment in the life of that construction project exists only in this particular click of the shutter. Cool, huh?

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