September: Home to Iowa

Iowa! Iowa! Best state in the land, joy on every hand. We’re from Iowa! Iowa! That’s where the tall corn grows.

I was born and raised in southeast Iowa, and in September 2018 I went home to celebrate my, ummmmm, 55th high school class reunion. Wow. How can that be?

In fact, I do not remember high school fondly, but that story is of little interest to me now. More important is that I and my classmates have matured well. I enjoy our gathering now more than I ever did in high school!

Iowa Farmstead

I do miss the Iowa landscape: the rolling hills, the dark soil, the rich greens of everything that grows there, the patches of “timber” everywhere, road ditches full of gigantic milkweeds, acres and acres of grain and corn… This is home, and I feel it when I leave the airport in my rental and drive through the countryside, pulling over as needed to shoot the beauty.

You can take the girl out of Iowa, but you can’t take Iowa out of the girl.
Something like that!

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