February: Take Flight

Tower cranes grace the sky. Construction sites of huge buildings present dynamic, colorful, complex facades. How in the world do the hard hats know what they are doing perched stories above the street? Moving purposefully through a maze of scaffolding and building materials?

But they do, and the puzzle you see and photograph this moment is gone forever the next. The building will never be dis-assembled the way it was built. Each board put in place, each section of floor poured, each window hoisted into place… each and every act of the hard hats changes the puzzle. What you see right now will never be seen again.

I call it #HardHatArt and #PerformanceArt, and I have enormous respect for the people who create it!

Take Flight

This construction site was in Atlanta, where I attended the Episcopal Archdeacon’s Conference in February and snuck out with my camera as often as I could–mostly to marvel at the myriad construction sites in that city.

It was quite hard to choose between this photo and one of several tower cranes shots I like a lot. However, I was particularly taken by the bird-like devices atop the scaffold segments at this site. But don’t go looking for it. It doesn’t look at all like this anymore!

Note: This is the second in my #Bestof2018 #YearinReview series.

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